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What is most common cause for lost lock with AIM-7?

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Have been testing now the AIM-7 engagements against two MiG-21 and can't get a cause why so many cases the lost will appear in them.

Flying +/- 2000 ft or +/- 5000 ft below the target altitude, at the same altitude, or +/- 5000 ft above the target and it can happen easily.


It happens either just couple seconds after the launch or even just 7-10 seconds before impact, just when the target starts to pull some maneuver like slight turn (10-15 degree from head-on).


Nothing else will happen than just "LOST" will blink and its gone, regardless that the radar doesn't lose the lock for even a split second.


Comparing this, I can always maintain STT lock through max range to merge, but if I launch missile it will lost lock so often.

So what happens in radar capability track target while guiding the missile vs just maintaining lock and not guiding missile?


Radar memory capability or what?

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I have so little success w/ AIM7s that if I can't change them I just don't fly that mission. One mission where there are 2 AIM7s and 4 AIM9s I just shoot the 7s first to get them off the plane. Missions where we start on the catapult, I hit R for rearm and change the 7s to 9Xs.

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Might be related to this



Although most testing done here is with the AIM-120, these issues seem to affect the AIM-7 as well.

Before the last few patches, my AIM-7 shots within 10 NM would almost always connect. If nothing else, the AIM-7 was an excellent missile in WVR. More recently though, there are times that it seems to deviate sharply just before impact, chasing a chaff bundle the same way that an AIM-9L will chase a flare.

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The MiG's are without chaff or ECM, so it shouldn't matter in that relation. But I do not know should the radar lose the lock when the missile lose the lock, or what is the reason that radar keeps lock but immediately knows when the AIM-7 has been lost, as there is no two-way datalink to missile tell that target is gone. And if the radar stops guidance without it losing a lock, there is some oddity that why would it do so when lock is maintained?


The missile performance itself is bad, it is a historic thing sure. And AIM-120A and 120B shouldn't be much better than that. But the "LOST" information with radar actually maintaining the lock is just thing I don't recall at all why it happens. If the radar would actually lose a lock it would be clear thing.

i7-8700k, 32GB 2666Mhz DDR4, 2x 2080S SLI 8GB, Oculus Rift S.

i7-8700k, 16GB 2666Mhz DDR4, 1080Ti 11GB, 27" 4K, 65" HDR 4K.

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