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Hello guys!

I have an microproblem. My mirrors looks half way inside helicopter. As I fly in vr I moved my pilot at maximum back as it feels nice to see seat as same as feel it, but because of that my mirrors looks abit down, I still can use 'em but I need to lean almost over the stick to get my wingmans in view. 

Is there something I can do with that? Or is there some sort of settings to adjust them? As vr arrived in our lifes - mirrors became quite essential, at least for me.

Thank you in advance for any information given! 

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Tried recentering the view, while looking straight forward?


Just looking up, they look like this:



Leaning a bit forward, without "bumping" into anything (virtually), I can look at the sky and rotors:


They're only really usable to check your 6 against airplanes and missile launches.


For keeping track of wingmen, it's best to use the datalink and ABRIS.

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