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Is there a way in the Mission editor to to place, control, interact with Oil tankers and such in the mission editor?


Would like to create Escort missions and a possible campaign in the Persian Gulf map. I know there are some old Russian vessels available for that coalition but I am looking for something like a Japanese flagged Super tanker that the fleet has to keep Red forces from Damaging or approaching.


Seems like there are a lot of objects, buildings, vehicles, and such that you cannot place or use in the mission editor. I also like the modern looking cars in the Syria Map, any way we can use those in the Mission editor?

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I don't believe so at the moment, unfortunately. Those old Russian tankers are the best you've got. As for civilian traffic... our options there are basically limited to some buses under the Russian section of ground units. At least that's all I can remember.


But - I do seem to remember one of the ED staff saying something last year about plans to make the world more alive, such as fully destructible environments. Hopefully that includes more civilian assets too. I feel like it would be necessary, or at least desirable, for the dynamic campaign?

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