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Something weird is going on with slingloading in the Hip.

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I cannot complete mission 9 or 10, sorry not sure which. Where you have to sling a large crate to the oil platform. Every time I pick up the crate, I fly for about 2 minutes then all hell breaks loose. The crate just starts swinging wildly until the line breaks. I know how to slingload, I've done all the Huey campaigns, and the Oilfield campaign for the Hip. I can fly the Hip just fine at 90-100 knots while slingloading, perfectly smooth, I can correct for normal oscillations. This is something new. I just want to be sure it's a DCS bug and not just something on my end or pilot error. Here's my track. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Hj_1nhjJqgvR_mgPNbGFyoiJgKYM-qbT/view?usp=sharing



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