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Boresighting Mavericks

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In the F-16 we got to boresight the Mavericks if we want to accurately handoff (slew) the Mavericks LOS to the TGPs SPI.

Boresighting is needed since loading the Mavericks induces a misalignment to the Mavericks seeker head which would result in an offset between TGPs SPI and Maverick LOS when slewed.


Since the stores loading process, the stores in question themselves, and the general process of slewing/handoff from TGP to Maverick is the same (Maverick LOS is aligned to the TGPs SPI) as in the Viper: will the A-10C (II) receive a mandatory boresight process for alignment as is present in the F-16?


Or is this process not needed for some reason in the Hog? If so: source or it didn't happen.


To clarify: not talking about TGP boresight!



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