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Anton gear retraction

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I just bought the Anton. Been flying pretty much most the warbirds for a while. I was missing the Anton and Dora so I went ahead and bought the Anton. So far I am liking it quite a bit. Pretty much destroys what ever it hits.

Anyways I noticed the landing gear retraction doesn’t work after takeoff. I don’t like toggled landing gear so all the birds I fly my bindings are set to gear up and gear down. When I try to retract them they won’t go up. If I hit the toggle they work fine and will go up. Then even weirder yet is after I use the gear toggle button I can extend my landing gear using the one way landing gear down button and then I can retract them using the one way gear up button. It just doesn’t work for the first retraction for some reason. Am I missing something?

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I havent any problem with this (on my HOTAS too). Remeber to remove cover before releasing gear.

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I just tried it. It works perfectly. As Yoyo says, you have to use the "Landing Gear Retraction Cover UP" command before you can use the "Landing Gear Retraction" command.

If you use the "Landing Gear UP/DOWN" ("G") command it will lift the cover for you before it hits the retract button. And if you haven't put the cover back on, you can subsequently use the "Landing Gear Retraction Cover UP" of course. So you have the choice between realistic operation which requires lifting the cover, or "arcade" mode hitting "G" or a button bound to it.

PS: It works the same way in the Dora.

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Yes, lift the cover before you roll out, then when you get off the ground and hit your 'gear up' key, they will come up.  Had the same problem, I just made lifting the cover part of my pre-flight checklist.

Also learned that I don't need an external power supply for startup, I only need 3 of the 5 fuel pumps turned on and...when warming up the motor if I pull the throttle all the way back after a couple minutes of warmup, the oil pressure needle moves into the area it's supposed to be for operation.  If I don't throttle back, it stays just under the threshold level and it takes several more minutes to achieve the right pressure.

This plane kicks ass and is super fun!

Groovy Tucker


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I know this is probably outside the normal response for this war bird but I love dogfighting in it. Dogfighting in the 109, spit and mustang had become so easy (been flying them for a while) it is nice to be challenged again. So far I can take out p-47 and p51s (AI) up to the second difficulty but am having a hard time with the spit. I am aware that taking out spots in a 1x1 is gonna be hard for the this bird b it sure is fun to try. The Anton seems like it would absolutely destroy when flown in a pair or group. 

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