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Zone-triggered-ready Aerial Refueling?

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I've been looking for a mod that would continue to cut down on redundant radio calls while playing VR (and therefore cut down keyboard searching).  I'd be grateful for someone to point me to it if it exists please.


If a friendly is within a 1/4 or 1/2 mile of a tanker, why not just have the tanker extend the basket and be ready to give fuel immediately on contact?  If it's a large aircraft, and there are two friendlies in the zone, extend both baskets.  At least this call requirement could be optional so the player could decide whether to utilize the multi-step radio interact personally, or if the pilot would self-call, like he/she does over the carrier tower on the break (no player interaction, call is made autonomously "Tower, 215, overhead, state 5.6").


If someone could explain the need for the "pre-contact" calls (and resulting basket denials if unsuccessful) and why it's required for the player to physically select that call in game, I'm happy to receive an education!

Thanks all, Cheers!

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What you need is Voice attack. https://voiceattack.com/


Voice attack is a program that converts speech into keyboard or joystick presses.


It is a "If I say this" then "you do that" kind of program.


It can be operated by push to talk, or will constantly monitor your voice if you wish. 


A member of this forum, Bailey, has numerous profiles and they are really good and free!




Bailey's voice attack profiles




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Why do you need the keyboard?  I fly in VR and from launching DCS to shutting down have no need to touch the keyboard.  Just map a HOTAS button to your VHF/UHF PTT, and a button for left mouse button.  Then you just use the VR cursor to look at the menu item which you need to select and click.  The same LMB will work for any of the cockpit controls too.


No additional software complications required.

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