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Mi-8 can be spawned with weapons and no pylons at the same time [ OB]

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In SP, OB, the game is unable to enforce visibility of pylons on Mi-8 when livery says otherwise. Livery argument: 


custom_args = 
    [1000] = 1.0, -- pylons off

IS NOT suppressed by game in case weapons are equipped.


Default livery, weapons equipped, OK:


Only the livery was changed in ME and mission was reloaded. Mi-8 is then spawned without pylons, weapons levitating. Livery has the "pylon off" argument line, but I would expect it to be suppressed by ME and mainly by presence of weapons. (I think it used to be so.)

Can someone please verify? Thanks

My skins on DCS User Files, Enjoy!


FC3, Mi-8, UH-1, CA, L-39, AV-8B, F-14

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