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[How to] Export displays like RWR and CMSP set-up guide - Jan 2021

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I know this is covered previously, but that topic is over 10 years old and I think there is a simpler way of doing it now. I'm sure this is covered elsewhere but for the sake of visibility I'm posting here too. 


For displays, like the RWR you can simply add these two lines to the bottom of the xxxxx_init.lua of the display you're trying to export, where xxxxx is the display/instrument name.

At least it works for all of the displays I've tried.


For example, the A-10C RWR





DCS World/Mods/Aircraft/A-10C/Cockpit/Scripts/AN_ALR69V/indicator/AN_ALR69V_init.lua


you can change the name in brackets, eg ("A10C_RWR"), to anything you like, be sure to include the quotation marks inside the brackets.


BE AWARE, that any files located in the main DCS directory/folder, will be overwritten every update, use a mod manager like OVGME or JSGME

Also, during updates, the content of these files can be changed. If after reinstalling mods after an update, things are broken, compare the original file to your modded one and look for changes.


If you want to, you can use the same name for multiple aircraft if you want that display to always be in same place

ie, if you edit the A10C RWR, and the F16 RWR file, calling them both something like try_find_assigned_viewport("RWR")

then you would only need one entry in your monitor config file, described below



Edit your monitor config file to look for the name you gave it, give it position and dimensions just like the MFCDs.


Just make sure the last line of your monitor config file is UIMainView = Viewports.Center




A10C_RWR =
x = 2561;
y = 880;
width = 520;
height = 520;


I've added the file so you can compare with the original


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