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System requirements for playing DCS

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Hey guys, 

I just bought a PC and I am really excited to play this game. I was wondering if you could tell me with my laptop specs if I can run DCS 2.5 smoothly, or if I need to download a previous version? Here are my specs:


Hexa-core AMD 5 Ryzen at 2.3ghz, max turbo 4ghz. With 8gb ram. 


Thanks, I appreciate it. Regards

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I would look at upgrading the RAM in the laptop to 16-32Gb. 8 is barely enough and you have to keep in mind your aGPU will be sharing the RAM with your system. 

Win 10 Pro 64Bit | 27" Asus ROG 1440p | i7-6700k @4.54GHz | ASROCK Extreme7+ | 32Gb @3GHz DDR4 | 512Gb SM951 M.2 SSD | GTX 1080Ti | H100i AIO CPU Cooler

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I found 8GB to be fine on Caucasus, but on any other map, it'll have problems. It's playable on Persian Gulf, even in VR, but it's not the best experience possible. 16GB of RAM and an SSD made things so much smoother.

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