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Help with slingloading....

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19 hours ago, Raven (Elysian Angel) said:

Yes that also happened to me, and because there is no feedback in the helicopter itself you can't correct the swinging.

Actually there is audio feedback from the crew but because we "are" a russian crew the feedback is in russian. Would they use a "blue" nation MI-8 for the campaigns(or tie the crew audio to the selected cockpit language) you would hear the guiding you in to the cargo, height of cargo above ground, cargo swings x meter left/right/front/back, x meter to drop zone....


If you know all that just ignore me.

Sorry for crap flying, i didn't had my VR set up(1440p after YT processing)



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I don't speak Russian 🙂
Still I was able to make out the difference when the crew chief is saying "the cargo is swinging" and "cargo is stable". But just knowing that the cargo is swinging doesn't help if you can't tell how to correct it: you could make it worse by trying to "correct" it.




8 hours ago, unknown said:

So i don't quite get why you have all these problems and on my side it's fine.

That gives you a little appreciation for the developers who have to figure out bug reports and trying to reproduce it on their internal builds, I'd say.

With so many different hardware and software configurations that can mess stuff up. I don't have an explanation for it either: I can only report what I see on my end 🙂

Edited by Raven (Elysian Angel)

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