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Hi all...

I'm having an issue with the ATC not responding on VHF (AM( (pos. 3)  and UHF (pos.2) radios.  Radio's turned on, correct freq. selected, squelch breaks in when test, rotary control set to correct position, master volume turned to max. all switches on radio selector switched to 'up'.  This is while sat on the apron.  I hear other messages transmitted by ATC, like 'incoming aircraft' etc.  ADF, ILS and VOR all work fine.   Aka, after selecting radio and freq.  I select ATC (for the correct airport), select 'radio start up' or 'proceed to runway' etc.  I hear my radio transmission to the ATC tower but never get a response?  


Are there any known bugs currently with the ATC in the Huey?  Anyone else having the same problem or have any other things I can try?



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