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Throttle HOTAS Warthog mapping when using the afterburner detent

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If you fit the afterburner detent (i.e. reversed from factory fit) you may find the standard throttle setting do not give the wanted aircraft behaviour. For example 100% mil power up to the detent for F/A-18C, or getting above 85% power in the non-afterburning A-10C. I tend to swap between these two aircraft so the throttle always has the afterburner detent set-up. The problem is that the Warthog Throttle afterburner detent (position or state) is not modelled by DCS. So you need to re-map the throttle to mimic the general behaviour. 

With the afterburner detent fitted, these Throttle HOTAS Warthog settings give a good fit.


Axis Assign

Throttle - HOTAS Warthog


Axis Tune

Deadzone = 0

Saturation X and Y = 100 

Slider, User curve

A-10C/A-10C II (for linear power and 100% at the detent)


F/A-18C (for linear power and max mil at the detent, afterburner past the detent)



For the F/A-18C, I also mapped to turn the engines off past the idle detent:

Throttle (Left) - OFF = JOY_BTN30

Throttle (Right) - OFF = JOY_BTN29


Note there is no JOY_BTN in the afterburner detent region of each throttle, so you cannot turn the afterburner on/off this way, i.e. map to Cycle Afterburner Detent - ON/OFF.


Sorry, I only have these two aircraft at the moment. So cannot give for any other aircraft.

Hope this info is helpful.


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SYSTEM SPECS: Hardware Intel Corei7-9700K @ 5.1 GHz, 32Gb RAM, EVGA 3090 XC3, Dell S2716DG, Thrustmaster Warthog + MFG Crosswinds V2, HP Reverb G2 @ 2836 x 2768
SOFTWARE: Microsoft Windows 10 Pro x64, VoiceAttack & VIACOM PRO, TacView

VR Stuff:   My Settings for 3090 and G2  My Settings for 1080ti  Shaders MOD for VR  My variant of Kegetys mod with clear water and also IC PASS for current beta & stable



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Yeah. That’s the guide I used to base my changes. The detent and mapping for the A-10 is also very useful if your throttle is desk-bound, like mine. It reduces the full travel of the throttle so the HOTAS button don’t get awkward with the throttle fully forward. I find it a bit too flat when it’s positioned in front of me. I can’t position it to the side because of the desk layout. 


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There is another thread on the forum about user curves for several airframes, appreciated your effort though, it doesn´t cost anything trying new settings.

i5 8400 | 32 Gb RAM | RTX 2080Ti | Virpil Mongoose T-50 base w/ Warthog & Hornet sticks | Warthog throttle | Cougar throttle USB | Virpil desk mount | VKB T-Rudder Mk IV | Oculus Rift S | Buddy-Fox A-10 UFC | 3 TM MFDs | Realteus ForceFeel | 2x bass shakers

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