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anybody else have an issue with the f 86 being frozen? when i try to fly  the cap mission it starts out mid air and frozen have to reboot to get out of the sim no buttons work not eve ctrl alt delete, any thoughts?

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Hmm... it did happen to me once or twice (I bought the Sabre just a few days ago). I have a mission that starts in a hangar. Sometimes the hangar doors won't open, soon I realize DCS is all frozen (I can't leave the mission, Esc doesn't work, nothing works). I have to kill it and restart. Never happened to me in any other module, though I don't know if it's F-86 at fault or what. Just an observation. On the other hand I was never patient enough to wait and see if it eventually "thaws", so I don't know if it's a permanent freeze or DCS is just choked somehow and needs more time to get "unblocked".


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i7-8700K GTX1060(6GB) 16GB 27"@1080p TM Hawg HOTAS TPR TIR3 SD-XL button/pot box
UH1 Mi8 Ka50 10CII 18 5 86 MiG15 109 Spit 51 47 A8 superc. PG NTTR Norm. Channel

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