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I-16/WW2 Eastern Front

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Was there every any discussions or plans about eastern front maps? I ask because the I-16 is available but none of the WW2 maps are eastern front and I don't think the I-16 was ever used other than the Chinese, Spanish Civil war and the Soviet union, so it seems out of place. 

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We have a significant Eastern Front map available, and it happens to be the free one.


Operation Edelweiss entailed the securing of the Caucasus until Baku by Army Group A of Army Group South and accompanying Romanian troops. The map has almost all major locations of this operation: Novorossiysk, Maykop, Krasnodar, Mozdok, Vladikavkaz, pretty much everything north of the Caucasus mountains, was an important part of the Eastern Front.


In my personal opinion, we have the map we are looking for. What I would ask for is development of aircraft such as the La-5FN or IL-2M.

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8 hours ago, Cunctator said:

A map with airfields and especially buildings everywhere that look like nothing that was there during WW2. Then I prefer to fly the I-16 on any other map that actually feels like 80 years ago.


Didn't think about that, you're quite right unfortunately. Our best hope is most likely for someone to make a mod that replaces Caucasus assets.


That being said, you may be surprised that buildings/infrastructure in the 1940s did not look as different from more modern buildings as on first glance. The same boxy apartments, albeit a bit shorter, were present in every city. Those houses and apartments with triangular roofs that you see are likely from that era or are refurbishments. I'm not saying there isn't a difference, I actually agree with you. What I'm saying is that, at least for now, even if modern apartments look different, there is certainly room for imagination.


Image result for stalingrad air photoImage result for dcs caucasus buildings


Image result for stalingrad air photoImage result for dcs caucasus buildings


Image result for stalingrad ww2 aerial photoImage result for dcs caucasus buildings


What detracts from the experience is that the houses in the Caucasus are of course completely intact.

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