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After a while without Black Shark, (now I have a bigger SSD :)) I went to reinstall it. Imagine my horror when my disc refused to load, with the DVD drive not even recognising there was a disc in there. 


I tried with other media and it played all those just fine. It was my BS disc only. Sure enough, there was a weird discolouration going on and a thin scratch right on the edge. 


Disheartened, I went to the DCS store to see how much a replacement copy would be. At least I wouldn't have to install the disc, update it, then patch it into DCS like I used to. Maybe that would offset the pain of replacing it. 


Imagine my surprise when I found out that I was able to "cash in" the serial number of my BS disc! It got added to DCS and it doesn't matter that my disc is unserviceable, as it is now in my library.


I work as many hours as I can, have two special children and a lovely wife. I don't have a lot of free time or money, but this really made my week.


Thank you ED for this act of kindness, it is much appreciated. 

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i5-3570K, Nvidia 1060GTX 6GB(Factory O/C), 16GB GSkills/Crucial RAM, Win 10 64-Bit

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