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Skins exporting now even lighter?

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Hey gang,

First, I tried to google the crap out of my question, but couldn't get any traction.


I have PS2021, been doing skins for a hot bit, noticed just today, F-16C skins are now either reading or exporting lighter than before.  

Example: I changed the name on one of our Squadron Liveries, no color changes, and now it looks like it's been sitting on the ramp for a year straight (bled) but just the file that I "Updated".


Any suggestions, or is this a known thing that I just didn't know about?



Wayne Lemke


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I've added a screen shot.  in this screen shot I only changed some font.  colors were not altered.  obviously it was the main fuse file.  I even did an eyedropper from the still vivid dds files...

DCS 2021-01-12 11-52-43-38.jpg

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