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Turret Locked if Stabiliser Initially On

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Hi Everyone,


I've found a bug that is probably related to this one.


If you take direct control of a vehicle and turn the stabiliser on (without moving the turret) the turret will remain locked in place (in both elevation and azimuth) and it is unable to be moved. What you have to do to get it unlocked is to have the stabiliser off, move the turret, and then turn the stabiliser on again.


It seems that moving the turret with the stabiliser off is the only way to get the stabiliser to work properly. After that it will function as desired, this might pose a problem as IRL, most vehicles with stabilisers typically have them engaged by default and are only turned off in certain circumstances.


In the track below I'm using the T-80U, after taking control I drive forward a short distance, stop, enable the handbrake, and immediately after the white 'dust' (I'm very pleased that's getting sorted) clears I start operating the controls, but the turret remains fixed in place; shortly after I disable the stabiliser and control is restored, then I re-enable the stabiliser and all is well.


This can be repeated on every vehicle with a stabiliser.



As a side note, using the turret to hull align disables the stabiliser.


Latest OB, Specs below, using the joystick to control the turret.



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