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How do I script ATC menu selection?

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I'm writing a mission where I want to automatically select a number of menus items from the communications menu, but have no idea how to do that. The steps that I want to automate is calling 'Inbound' to the nearest airfield for the player. While I think I know how to initiate this (Setting command for 'communication'), I don't know how to proceed and automate the resulting menu selections.


The sequence is 

1. Communication ( "X Set Command (179)" on the A-10A). This calls up the communication menu.

2. Select the first menu item "F5. ATC..." - how do I do that?

3. Select the first menu item "F1 <nearest airfield name>" - how do I do that?

4. Select the first menu item "F1 Inbound" - how do I do that?


So my question is: is there a way to script the menu selection instead of having the player go though the selections?


Thank you for any pointers.




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I'm afraid it's not possible, there's no way to script keyboard commands, afaik.


However, you can use voice command software instead, which can execute any number of keyboard + mouse combinations with a single voice command. 


I've recently created a voice command profile for the tomcat (to spare me the torture of using the Jester wheel menu) and the results are quite awesome.


I used the free version of VoiceBot to do this, it works well for the most part.

(Sometimes it'll have trouble recognizing certain words, so you'll need to try alternative ones, no big deal)

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Thanks @Hardcard - that's a great idea if I wanted to automate this for me (I use VoiceAttack in other applications to automate tasks). It doesn't work in this particular instance as I'm tryin to write a tutorial.


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