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HELP - Newbee unable to get Arduino talking to DCS Bios

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Hi Everybody, i've already fallen at the first hurdle in building a DCS based simpit! Any help would be much appreciated..


Where i am - i have followed the set up doc in detail, but must be missing something!


I have v0.10.0+64 DCS Bios installed along with the library
I have connected both a Mega & Nano boards successfully

I completed a successful blink test of both

I launched a very basic sketch using IRQ Serial to try and get the master warning light to trigger the arduinos onboard led to check connectivity.

The process followed was;


I disconnected the Com port via DCS dashboard
Uploaded the sketch (below)
Connected the com port via DCS dashboard

Launched DCS, unpaused and triggered the master warning in the Av8B - I expected to see the Arduinos onboard light flashing but it didn't, i have read and re read through the docs and cannot get any arduino i have to connect.

I have unloaded and reloaded dcs bios multiple times just in case


Script used:



#include "DcsBios.h"


/* paste code snippets from the reference documentation here */

DcsBios::LED mWarning(0x780c, 0x1000, 13);


void setup() {

void loop() {


Any help or advice would be much appreciated 😕







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Hi Maffo,


i suggest you add a physical switch to the Arduino and add that to your sketch, something easy to see in cockpit, Master Arm on or something. Shut down DCS, shut down DCS-BIOS. Make sure you have a good path for DCS-Bios to DCS. 

Start DCS, DCSBIOS should start automatically. In cockpit, focus on that switch. Activate the physical switch. Watch for changes.

See if that works.

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