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I want to know if this jet game has a mobile version?

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Hello everyone, I am a recent member seems to be a part, expecting your consideration. I need to know if this fly game is flexible adaptive for Android framework or I find it on whatsapp gb can't see? Assuming this is, where should I be able to download it, if it's not too clunky, share it with me, very obliged.

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Dear Sir,


contrary to your observation, DCS is not a jet game anywhere close but an in-depth simulation of combat aircraft and way too complex by any means to be put onto a mobile.


Kind regards :bows:

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Even if mobile devices could run it, can you imagine trying to click all the tiny buttons and switches on a mobile screen!? Or trying to spot aircraft at a distance!? Agh! Truly the stuff of nightmares.

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They should just simplify it (infinite ammo & fuel, invincible, start every mission hot and in the air to go right into the action, and most importantly auto air-to-air refueling) and spend a lot of money to adapt it to mobile, leaving the PC version to rust for a few years while they dedicate all their resources to make this "jet game" into a "mobile jet game". That seems like a smart move.😏

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