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Mission 2 and on - Using the Radio in this campaign. Please assist with noob

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Alright so this is what the mission says to tune into 

AOC: Col.  (Overlord): 253.3 UHF
Dodge 1 (Your flight, 2 A10s): 35.5 FM
Prowler 1 (US convoy): 144.3 AM
Guard Channel: 121.5 AM

and this is what i did , in the picture does this look correct. I never got the Prowler guy to call me on the radio. This shouldnt be so confusing but it would be nice to hear them to know im doing it correctly.  Im new to the A-10 so i dont know or trust what im doing yet so any help would be nice


Digital Combat Simulator  Black Shark Screenshot 2021.01.11 -

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14 hours ago, baltic_dragon said:

Hey, did you hear the briefing before the takeoff and discussion on the way? And did you follow  the flight plan passing through all the waypoints, sir?

Does the A-10C ii work in this? I know I saw a post that some AI wasnt spawning correctly a few months ago. Wasnt sure if that was the issue still

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