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Most heavily armed ground target?

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1. Ships.

2. Tor

3. S-300

4. The new ZSU - if you are in its reach


Then it depends what you fly and what you do, also what is the nature of your question.

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Also: what do you consider 'heavily armed'? In terms of simple firepower a Tor has nothing against any of the MBTs.

The most dangerous to aircraft... I'd agree with the S-300 (and Patriot), being high in the list. Tor is quite dangerous to aircraft and also capable of defending nearby units against missiles, which makes it valuable. Personally I find the Tunguska rather dangerous, mostly because it gives very little warning of its launches.

Heavily armed per se... any MBT. T-90, T-80, both versions of the T-72, but also IFVs, especially ones armed with ATGMs deal major punches; never underestimate the BMP-2. Of course the whole topic of artillery units can be considered heavy armaments as well. 155mm shells are going to cause a little chaos on your dinner table.

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