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ANZUS (Aust, NZ and US) January recruitment drive

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Looking for F-16, F-18, F-15 and F-14 Pilots
Hello all!

We are a virtual coalition group under the name DCS ANZUS a group based on the Australia, New Zealand and United states defence treaty.
ANZUS is currently recruiting for F-14, F 18, F-15,  F-16 pilots AND  ATC Controllers, whether you are new or experienced!
Our goal is to operate as close as possible to the Royal Australian Air Force and United States Navy. 

We operate in AEST and EST time zones and welcome all members of all countries.

What can you expect out of us?

We run a 24/7 Dedicated Server that is configured with SRS, ATC and ATIS for realism.

Personalized training times and topics to suit you.

We run joint operations with each other to build experience

We have planned our squadrons mission and are devoted to making this the best experience for not only ourselves, but for others as well.

WE DO offer training and help setting up systems such as SRS. A basic check ride will be needed before acceptance into a squadron. This would normally take a beginner 30 Days.
Essentially, if you can fly and know the systems, you're in!   

We are very welcoming people. We strive for a stress-free environment. And care about thoughts and ideas of others.

Helicopter Squadrons for both Australian and United States members are coming soon
We run Missions and Squadron training and are looking at running campaigns in the future. 

Most group activities occur at 1300 AEDT Sunday’s / 2100 EST Saturday. 

We have a dedicated scripted server and have Skins for each squadron and look forward to seeing you guys join.

If you have any other questions, join our discord and reach out to Dadzilla or Porcupine. 

See you soon.

http:// https://discord.gg/fzxTdH2

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