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Not sure if this is a module issue, an engine issue, or a latency issue but during MP I've found Jester goes into full tourettes mode when air refuelling.


He seems to spam every conceivable dialogue option constantly and will continue long after succesfully connecting to the drogue.  It makes air refuelling with him a complete nightmare unless you mute him entirely.


Would it even be possible to add an option to keep the star wars quotes and snarky comments to a minimum during refuelling with a tickbox or something?

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WINGS:Bomb Mode

Probe: OUT

Exterior Lights ON

Jester: OFF 8,2

Popups: TTI

         Off   F10 F2 F6 F2

         On   F10 F2 F6 F1


I have mapped my Jester Wheel to the Keyboard Numbers.  Also Mapped the ` to the Jester callup.  Example I can quickly type   ' ' 8 2   to silence Jester.


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