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Blood and Sand : A Mirage Story

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"Blood and Sand : A Mirage Story" is a fictional 5 mission campaign for the Mirage 2000C, fully voiced-over, taking place during Iran–Iraq War.
Briefing doc and kneeboard available for each mission.


Situation :
November 1987. The war has been lasting for more than 7 years. In the sky, Iranian F-14s have no challenger. Despite daring and often successful air fights, the Iraqi Mirages F1EQ can't contest the Tomcat's superiority and must also carry out ground and antiship strikes. But there is good news for Iraq :
The two first Mirages 2000 are just coming from France.






Hi everyone !


Here is a new campaign for the Mirage 2000 on the Persian Gulf map.

Feel free to comment, ask, report, ...



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Very nice, just small bug. Actual skin in missions is set to "iraqi air force" and it differs from recomended skin name. After I edited skin name in its description.lua all was fine. Otherwise you will get French skins.


So open description.lua in Iraqi skin folder and change name to

name = "iraqi air force"

I also renamed skin folder to "iraqi air force" but I think it is not nessesary.

Hope it helps.

Edited by ataribaby
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Hi !

After some investigations, I'm confused ...

On my PC, for this skin :

- The folder name is "Iraqi Air Force" (the default name when you unzip this livery)

- In the "description.lua" file, the last line is name = "Iraqi Mirage"

- In the DCS Mission Editor, in the liveries list, the name is "Iraqi Mirage"

- when I unzip the .miz files and open the "mission" file (with notepad for example), the livery_id = "iraqi air force"  (why ?!?)

But in any case, on my PC, it works !

So ... I don't understand the difference with your config and why it's not working for you ...

You are at least two in this case ... What about the other players ?


So far I don't know what to do ... I'll ask in the "Mission Editor Discussion and Questions" forum maybe but if someone here has an idea ...



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For iraqi skin I tried the solution provided by ataribaby (thanks!) and it worked for me. 


Then i had the same problem with F-14 Livery 🙃


In "aircraft/Liveries Import" I made a "F-14B" folder where i put mentioned skin. I also put both liveries in  "Liveries" in "Saved Games\DCS" folder (for M-2000C and F-14B). 


Now everything works fine. 


Again, thank you for this very interesting campaign - looking forward to try it! :) 

Stay safe!

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