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Controller bindings randomly missing and changing

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I have a warthog throttle and a VKB Gladiator stick with logitech pro pedals.


Random settings keep changing, getting mixed up and disappearing. I can't understand why...


My throttle and pedals are permanently plugged in. I do detach my joystick every once in a while.


I just went to fly again today and all my joystick bindings are mixed up again.


Throttle mapped to my joystick for some reason and flaps not bound to my throttle anymore. Random things keep getting mapped to my rudder pedals for some reason. I delete them and they keep remapping.


I constantly have to go back and remap things. I was hoping this would stop at some point but it is becoming incredibly irritating.


It is mildly soul crushing to sit down to play only to find random bindings are missing mid flight.


Is there a cause(!) and solution to this? 😞


I literally don't want to fire up DCS right now because I don't feel like randomly remapping missing and mixed up controller bindings any more.

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is this happening on a specific module? i have started DCS without having the input devices connected. close and restart with the connected, my controls were what i set them as. with little info it could be all sorts of problems causing this.

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I only play warbirds - P51, Spitfire and 109.


It happens with all of them randomly. Perfect example was with the Spitfire last time (I play in vr): Joystick hat no longer controlled trim, double throttle added to joystick which conflicted with actual throttle setting, throttle flaps weren't mapped, cockpit / map view not mapped to throttle. But other settings I had previously mapped were there.


I just did a full deinstall -> deleted DCS content folder -> reinstall. I will see if this changes things. Ugh... For a game that relies heavily on joystick mappings I would expect them to be handled more securely...

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This is a long shot, but do you have any wireless game controllers, like a gamepad? I've sometimes had a PS4 controller (connecting via Bluetooth) that I had deleted from the DCS controls profile reappear and take over some controls. I didn't notice at first because the PS4 controller appeared all the way to the right in the DCS control configuration screen, so I had to scroll over to see what was going on. 


Like I said, a long shot, but...

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I don't have any wireless controllers. This is actually my photo and video editing workstation. I don't have issues with anything else on the system. It's a workhorse.


I did a clean deinstall and reinstall. I just haven't had the stomach to sit down and remap everything... I'd rather have... "fun"... So I've been playing IL2 where everything just works.


I will report back here when I am in the mood to remap all the bindings for 3 planes and then wait to see if they start disappearing again 🙂


Strange I seem to be the only person on the planet with this issue.

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2 hours ago, DetroiTechno said:

I just haven't had the stomach to sit down and remap everything... I'd rather have... "fun"...



To avoid a remap, just make a backup of your ..../Saved Games/DCS/Config/Input folder.

If having issues , just put the backup back and you're in business again...having "fun".

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OMG my flaps aren't mapped again...


Some other custom mappings are there. But my flaps have been remapped to the default Warthog position and not to where I custom mapped them.


Why are some of my mappings changing and others stay the same?


What the **** is going on?


Update: I submitted a support ticket...

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