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SHIFT mode with VPC panel#1

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I bought a VPC control panel#1 and I would like to understand how to program the SHIFT mode.
I activate the SHIFT mode with button 18 (T3).






In SHIFT mode 1, the physical button 2 = logical button 2. In SHIFT mode 2, I would like to have button 2 =  logical button 42. But it doesn't work because logic button 42 is not recognised in DCS, for example.





I think that DCS only recognises physical buttons, not logical buttons. 

I would like to know if it is possible to configure logical buttons with a number greater than 41.
Thank you for your help.

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5 hours ago, HC_Official said:

check my sig for tutorials on this stuff

Virpil does not like gaps in the mapping table

I watched two videos you made :

-Virpil VPC Joystick - configuring shift state Tutorial

-VPC Virpil software tutorial - Button configuration


I'm sorry, but I don't understand what I don't do well. Can you tell me where my mistake is?

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PC: 9980XE @ 64GB RAM /2080Ti, Samsung C49RG90

Joystick bases: VKB GFIII, FSSB R3L, Brunner CLS-E, Virpil Mongoos CM2

Joystick grips: Realsimulator (F-18CGRH, F-16SGRH-CE), VKB (MCG Pro, F-14, KG-12), Virpil Warbrd

Throttles: Virpil CM2, Kantorrin,

Other: TrackIR, TM MFDx2 (Cubesim Screenx2), Virpil Control Panel 1

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