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My foolproof IR Maverick with TPOD sequence

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Thought I'd share my IR Maverick with TPOD sequence.

Since the sim changed and docs did not appear up-to-date, I experimented and wrote this down.


Would like to hear any criticism or improvement since it's pretty complicated.


IR Maverick with TPOD sequence:

1. AG mode (to select AG weapons)
2. TPOD powered (STBY -> On)
3. Set IR mode CCD or FLIR as desired
4. Stores, Select IR Mav. Starts warmup SBY -> RDY (Warmup can take 3mins, won't uncage)
5. Clear target if needed
6. TDC Down to select initial location
  OR cycle waypoints to get near target
7. TDC pan to locate target
8. Select Pt, Mt, Area as desired to assist targeting
9. ESCD Desig to enter designate mode (DESG says TGT)
10. Hold Next Waypoint Long
  (WP 0 now is target, DESG says STP, can cycle waypoints including target)
11. SSS Aft points TV (DSEG says TGT)
12. SSS Down 2x to select TPOD
13. Stores page (needed to uncage)
14. Uncage (U on HUD beside IRMV, MAV IR view on MFD)
15. SSS Fwd (to control maverick) (See IRMV on HUD right with box around it, MDF has boxed IRMV also)
16. TDC Down to lock target (periodically if needed)
  Observe Mav cross hair locked, may lock automatically with good contrast
17. Master Arm On (IRMV stops flashing on HUD)
18. Weapon Release


Repeat launch with:
1. TDC pan to next target
  No need for TDC lock, but if desired, to ensure TDC:
      SSD AFT (control target, switches to TV)
      SSD Down 2x (to TPOD)
2. Uncage
4. SSS Fwd to control Mav
5. TDC Down to lock Mav
6. Weapon Release


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I have a little problem here sometimes.

If I have slewed the Mav separately. Is there any way to recenter it to the TGP?
I found that often when i have tgp in slave and move the mav to a target. It’s impossible to recenter it to the TGP?
The only way that works sometimes for me is to unselect the mav from the weapon page and just start over.
Do you have any advice maybe?

Skickat från min iPhone med Tapatalk

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4 hours ago, Kristoffer79 said:

Do you have any advice maybe?

No advice, but I encountered the same problem. If I slewed the Mav too far, I couldn't find a way to reset it. Un/Re cage didn't help.

There is a 'slave' option, but I think it works the other way, with TGP pointing to Mav sensor target.

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