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Posting a track would help immensely in diagnosing your problem. I see that you're new, so if you don't already know, after you finish your flight when you're in the debriefing screen, there's a button down at t he bottom that says, "Save Track" or something similar. Press that, then your track will be saved in C:\Users\<User_name>\AppData\Local\Temp\DCS. If the track is too large to directly attach here, you can use Dropbox. Hope this helps!!

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From what i am seeing, you are on VIS mode, wich is not ground stabilized. Beter use BORE. In VIS mode, you can slew easily the Mav around, but if you press TMS dwn it will return back to VV and you will have to do all the process of slewing the HUD TDC box to the general area and find the target again. Also, in VIS the MAV sensor is staying fixed with the aircraft longitudinal axis. Again, beter use BORE.



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VIS is ground stabilized

  1. open WPN page on either MFD
  2. DMS up to make HUD SOI (!)
  3. slew targeting box towards targets
  4. TMS up to ground stabilize
    - SOI will change to the WPN page automatically!
  5. refine aim and zoom as needed
  6. TMS up to lock a target

#2 is mandatory right now. Start on the WPN page and the HUD symbology won't update properly. Haven't tested with TGP yet, because then I just use PRE.

#4 will create a temporary SPI which all Mavericks will be looking at, aka ground stabilized (right now VIS only ground stabilizes the selected Maverick, not subsequent ones). You can even see it happen in the track file. BORE won't do that.
In BORE the targeting cross will stay relative to your VV, allowing you to aim by maneuvering the aircraft.

I've tried a few things, but the only fix I found was resetting VIS mode by going TMS aft a few times and starting from scratch. It surely is a WIP feature.

At least we have a track file so MAYBE we get an official response on this.

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