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Full shadow for own aircraft but flat or no shadow for scenery objects?

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For some reason I love looking at the shadow of my own aircraft. But with flat shadows it keeps clipping through the ground surface and looks horrible and with full shadows performance takes quite a hit especially in populated areas (i7 6700k, gtx 1080 and HP Reverb G1, right on the verge for DCS in VR).

I'd like to know if there is some way of forcing full shadows only for own aircraft while the rest of the shadows remain flat so that they are taken care of by the flat shadows removal mod that I'm already using. I think that would be a great way of keeping my fps high while being able to enjoy a nice looking a/c shadow.


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Yes, flat shadows are terrible. In some instances you can have a situation where the shadow is an object that sits above the terrain and you can taxi your aircraft under the shadow.


AFAIK flat shadows are all or none.

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