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Ground Stabilize the Mav-F?

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Is there a way (or will there be?) to ground stabilize the AGM-65F seeker in the F/A-18 they way that you can in the A-10C? Otherwise it’s very hard to lock the crosshairs on something. In the A-10C you can TMS back and it stabilizes on the ground so you can slew it easily over the target. Without that you’re trying to fly the crosshairs over the target looking at the seeker camera which is really hard to control. 

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You can designate a point on the ground with another system (TGP, HUD, WP) and slave the Maverick seeker to it. Then when you UNDESIGNATE the target, the MAV seeker will stay at the (last) slaved Location.  Not perfect, but workable.


Here's an example of this starting from a WP designation



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You can stabilize the MAVF in space by keeping the TDC depressed while maneuvering.

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