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GOD HELP ME COMRADES !! Key Bindings Dropping Out After Being Set /Reverting After Set to OLD Setup

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Key Bindings Dropping Out After Being Set /Reverting After being set back to previous setup


Self explanatory.  I have NEVER in the past experienced this happening.


If you have just spent 30 minutes..... or longer being meticulous in setting up radar zone and radar cursor manipulation, mode selection ETC ETC  bindings to joystick hat switch , joystick buttons and keyboard binding it can REALLY PISS YOU OFF and increase your alcohol consumption.


Yesterday in my STEAM DCS installation - I set up my F-15 controls beyond just flight controls for radar and weapons. BEFORE THIS -  I had just been flying the the damn thing .........using ONLY controls needed for that . I had bound EJECT and canopy and that is really about it. 


( I have a VKB stick as primary, CH Pro Stick I use for throttle only, and CH Pro Pedals they have been working FLAWLESSLY together for MONTHS) 


Has anyone experienced this and what is the best fix to prevent it ? 


I have UNinstalled and will be starting over. 


I Know where the Input files are and how to back them up. 


I will save a copy of my VIRGIN DCS  default input settingsfor keyboard mouse and joystick  after I do a fresh reinstall. ALL OLD files have been removed. NOTHING remains of the old install ANYWHERE in saved games  -or otherwise. 


In the CONTROLS area in sim there is no button to SAVE. I ASSUME when you are done and hit OK that this will save the bindings or changes you have just made.   I HAVE read it is best to make changes or do bindings whilst IN the jet on the ramp IN the plane you are setting up. While I feel this should not be necessary I will do what I have to. I do NOT find this the quickest or the easiest way. As we all know different nomenclature can be used for the same controls in different aircraft. 



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I haven't flown the F-15C for a very long time, but all the bindings were still there when I tried it just now.


Windows 10 Pro 64Bit | i7-4790 CPU |16 GB RAM|SSD System Disk|SSD Gaming Disk| MSI GTX-1080 Gaming 8 GB| Acer XB270HU | TM Warthog HOTAS | VKB Gladiator Pro | MongoosT-50 | MFG Crosswind Pedals | TrackIR 5

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