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Setting default trim settings for the Spit

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When I start a mission from the ground, I need to trim the Spit a lot to the left (rudder) and down to take off nicely.

If I start in the air, I need to trim the beast as well.


Is there a way to set some kind of default trim for the Spit, so that I start my missions with some kind of 'good enough' trim setting? I'm not looking for something perfect, just for something that wouldn't be completely off in the aforementioned scenarios.


I'm sorry if there is an obvious answer to this, but I searched with 'trim' and couldn't find a solution to my problem.

Fly safe.

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No way to do it that I'm aware of. Initial state of trims is hard-coded to zero/neutral for every mission (ground- or air-started) in all DCS warbirds (P-47 rudder trim seems to be an odd exception).

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Thank you, Art-J.

It is a bit of a shame, in my opinion. I fully understand that timing the plane is part of enjoying and understanding it, but it would be a very good thing to be able to, at least, keep your last trim setting for a specific airframe (I guess it would involve a lot of work on the game engine, though).

I hoped there could be some conf file that could have been edited (yes, I have been used to mess with FSX back in the days).


Maybe one day ?

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In the initial settings on the main splash screen in the MISC. menu, you can select synchronize cockpit controls with HOTAS controls at mission start - this will not help if you’re using keyboard for trims. If you have actual trim wheels for example then yes, it will set to whatever you left it at when you exited the aircraft.

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