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Locking moving target issue on Highway

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Impossible to get lock with AGM65D or AGM65H on moving target on highway. TGP can get lock but but Maverick sensor. The sensor lock on the metallic fences on highway but not on the vehicle even big one like tank. I tried different approach (following highway, or transversal, from high from low) it's always same even at short range (2Nm). As the TGP works ok, the laser weapons works. This is very frustrating when you are chasing a convoy... That's similar problem with telephone pole on Caucasus map.

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Thank you for you reply.

You can find attach a short mission with to tank of this road with an A10CII with IR Maverick. The coordinates of this road is 37S - CB209 230

The Maverick sensor lock on the metallic fences on both side of the road and even very close it's same. Impossible to lock on the tank.


Thanks again




Syria convoy strike.miz

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