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Correct voice accents.

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I would like to see relevant voice accents for the units of certain countries. For example, the Mirage 2000c seems a bit odd with the pilot speaking American English. English with a French accent would be perfect for the module. Flying the spitfire or the harrier for the uk seems a little strange with an American English accent. I’m sure it’s a bit of an undertaking but if the atc is being revamped I would love to see this implemented. Currently the Russian aircraft have Russian comms which is great and appropriate, as well as American aircraft. 
this is a wish list so you can but ask. 

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+1 personally the more voices the better, including different accents (it will reduce the attack of the clones vibe whereby every single ATC voice is the same, as with pilots, crew chiefs, JTACs, AWACS etc) of course so long as storage space permits. 


I also wonder about a selectable pilot voice? With different accents and also genders (like that other sim).

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This is why I suggested implementing actual Text to Speech engine.  The current digitized voices are actually sound files from Microsoft Zira which is probably is the worst one.  Text to Speech engine thesedays have gotten very natural with various accents.  You can try them on your Windows Text to Speech setting.  You need to download different accents however.



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