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Hello  all,


I noticed just this morning that most of the links to my guide pages are not working or are requesting a log-in to Google. It seems that they have changed their addressing system at some stage.


As I hardly did any simming in 2020 I didn't notice this - my apologies for not keeping things here updated. I am now going through all the links and updating them so that they take you directly to the relevant page - I'll have this completed by the end of the day.


For those that have asked questions or made other queries and comments, I will respond ASAP, once I get everything sorted out and once again my apologies - I will have to check my notification settings, but things may have changed with the new forum system, not really sure.


I'd been put off flying the sim after 2.5 due to the struggles with VR performance and though I tried many times to get back into it, this was too big a hurdle to vault and I gave up. I recently had another look, having upgraded my hardware to modern specs in 2020, and was amazed how much better the sim runs and this is what has ultimately led to me dicovering the link issues.


The guides have not been updated in the meantime, and some, such as the F-16C and AV-8B start-up guides, may now be out of date - though they should still get your aircraft started and enable you to get airborne. I can't promise that guides will be updated soon, but I am learning new procedures and ones that I had forgotten over time, so never say never. The guides were ultimately made for my own use and then shared, but I'm very happy they have been of use to other virtual pilots and this gives me some motivation to add to them.





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