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Coming soon..KMAS - Kings Mountain Attack Squadron...

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Can’t help but be excited. Our journey starts soon! We will be working our way toward some basic capabilities. There will be tears shed, metal bent, egos destroyed, rage quitting commenced…but we’ll get there. We will be the Three Amigos …at MTOW…stick shaker clacking as we struggle to join the fight. Bigger things will come I’m sure. We look forward to seeing you all in the skies. Progress reports to commence soon. (My boys are 10 and 12..planning to introduce them to DCS World in the coming months using the EB and CC after some basic indoc in another simulator...!)



















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Thanks guys..! I'll take any suggestions for low-intensity multiplayer missions for the 101CC. I found a few on the DCS User Files section that should work. Once I get the boys into the CC (we will start with the EB) I'd like to have them learn the weapons against some passive targets first (trucks/soft vehicles) and then we might mix in some light opposition.


I think the C-101 will be the perfect starter aircraft because it really teaches energy management and flying the plane before you get all in the weeds with systems. My old school CFI is definitely coming out..haha.. And..I actually do want to teach them some legit stuff (VOR navigation, emergency procedures, ground reference maneuvers) because I've held my CFII rating specifically to teach them to fly in real life once they are old enough in four or five years. So I'm trying to make it a mix of fun and real so I don't have to battle any negative learning down the road. I don't want them air-quaking around the local traffic pattern..


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