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In Need Of a Huey Pilot To Test mission(Experience Is A Must)

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 Hey Huey pilots, recently I uploaded a Huey mission and it was inspired by my older Brother James(Shamus) and a good friend and (expanded Family member) met back in the 70's(Derek) who was a member of the Canadian Elite Van Doos.  it's obviously not reality, and yes it's a bit holywoodish(in a fun way).  I guess I could do this myself, but I want someone with Huey experience to fly this mission not knowing what to expect so I can share this with both my brothers.  Must have the Persian Gulf map.


If you so choose to accept this mission then all I ask is that you record it and share.  This mission is rated PG13  in other words there is some adult language.   Thanks to all who accept!  Cheers mates!


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This mission didn't go as planned. as the troops seemed to stop their attack and the mission froze. 

I did kill the last three insurgents by ramming them with my unarmed Huey to see if I could get the mission to continue, but it didn't work. 

I thought I had dragged the insurgents out of line of sight of the troops, being a distraction

As to ramming, you learn something new every time you fly the Huey 🙂

three kills in an unarmed chopper...


As to the mission it began okay.

I don't think pilots would swear over a live radio where top brass are listening.

But they may use rougher language, over the intercom, to each other.

As I was taking lots of fire on the approach to the LZ I took off quickly so didn't even know I could sit there and wait.

which may have progressed the mission. I dumped the troops and ran.

I would say that the two green smokes could maybe do with earlier triggers. as you are high above them coming over the mountains.

but I did also guess that those were the landing zones. based on the beacons.

Also its just the rough footage of the whole flight.

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