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JSOW/JDAM - Shouldn't it be Degrees/Minutes/Decimal Minutes?

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I'll start off by saying I have never dropped a JDAM in real life, let alone flown an aircraft capable of it. But from what I understand from one person who has, is that the programming of the weapon is in degrees, minutes/decimal minutes NOT minutes, seconds/decimal seconds.


It's also a referenced a bit in this podcast: https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/afterburn-warbirdradiocom/e/78074378?autoplay=true at the 37:33 mark, where they talk about given targets in dd mm ss.ss and it was incompatible with their jet. It's Air Force, but the joint in JDAM would lend itself to inter-service use.


Any chance this could be looked into a bit more?


All of the radio traffic I've monitored in the last 20 years or so has target coordinates passed in degrees, minutes/decimal minutes.

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My understanding of the JDAM's integration with the Hornet is that it can only utilize DD:MM:SS.SS for UFC input and TGT, LP, and O/S coordinate display.


I would imagine that wouldn't be much of a problem, as you can create a waypoint using DDM format, and either perform a TOO attack or convert the jet's format to DMS and punch in a PP target manually.


It might be that the system adopts the jet's currently selected coordinate format for UFC input, but the documentation I have doesn't directly mention it. ED probably has better sources.

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13 hours ago, Sedlo said:



An IRL Hornet pilot I talked to said they use Degrees/Minutes/Decimal minutes, plus with the podcast interview saying basically the same thing, I think it might be worth a further look.  


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the podcast is not about the Hornet at all. The guy talking mentions landing, being in the right seat and having a co-pilot. They are flying a helicopter. I don't think that justifies a bug report, as the Hornet uses DD:MM:SS.SS for JDAMS.

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