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MB-339 Speed Brake Key Bind Using 2 Position Thumb Slider Switch on HOTAS

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Speed Brake Extend Retract Using 2 Position Switch a.k.a Else IF

Helps anyone with a X55/X56 HOTAS so speed brake is on Thumb Slider where it should be. 

Or for those that use a two-position toggle for Speed Brake on their throttle.


Switch Position Pressed:   Speed Brake Extend and Stay in position until released.

Switch Position Released: Speed Brake Retract.


CODE Example for default.lua: Two-position toggle Switch or Slider Switch on an X55 and X56 Flight Stick

{down = iCommandPlaneAirBrake, up = iCommandPlaneAirBrake, name = _('Airbrake Slider OUT/IN'), category = _('Systems')},					-- Airbrake Slider Switch Mod


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