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MFDs in Harrier in TPOD or FLIR causes stuttering

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When I select either the TPOD or FLIR (something that has a camera) in the MFD in the Harrier, looking around the cockpit suddenly gets stuttery and uncomfortable. It goes away immediately after I change it to a text-only display, or the map. It happens regardless of the in-cockpit monitor resolution, or whatever that option is called.


Edit - actually lowering it to 512 Every Frame did seem to help - it just required a restart of DCS. I'm not sure which options require restarts and which don't 🤷‍♂️

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Modules: Wright Flyer, Spruce Goose, Voyager 1

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This is actually expected and unavoidable.  It's especially worse if you have multiple displays such as Mav and TGP boresighted and drag those boresight as you turn.  It's rendering 3 views and everything in VR is x2 so 6 views.

I just try to avoid doing that and just turn on Mav only when necessary and have TGP slaved onto a point on the ground.

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