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Bassel Al-Asad Airbase / Incirlik parking positions

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Dear Developers,



can you please correct parking on Bassel Al-Asad Airbase? They are not realistic:

- Parking 24-27 cannot house Su-27 (only smaller) while Su-27 are normally parked there:



Parking 7-23 should also house Su-27.



Parkings 111, 112, 113 are offset from parking lines. why?


Parkings 100-109 only every second parking place used. why?


Parking 100-109, 120-114 cannot house A-10 (i know bigger wingspan could collied) but mission creators can only occupy parking places so it would work.


Lets please fix this. As it is annoying to use Start from ground cheat to creat missions.

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