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Trims not working correctly with encoders (DCS-Bios)

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I'm using DCS-Bios to control my home-build-cockpit. Currently I'm interfacing the TrimWheels (pitch, roll, yaw) and I have an unexpected result.


I'm using the command: DcsBios::RotaryEncode pitchTrim("PITCH_TRIM", "-3200","+3200", 48,49)


When I turn the encoder one detent it goes directly to a fixed position (I gues +3200) and it stays there, even when I turn the enoder further. When I turn it one detant in the other direction it goes to the opposite position (I guess -3200).


When I change the values to +-65535 it goes directly to the max position after turning it one detent.


When I use the same encoder for changing the ehsiHdgSetBrn I see that the heading is turning fine, by turning the enoder the heading is following.

So, the encoder is working fine but the behavior with the trim is not what I expect.


Any idea what is wrong? Anyone else having the same problem?


Thanks in advance



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I was having a similar issue with the P51 trims not working on the P-51.
I solved it by switching to an axis (potentiometer) on a Leo Bodnar board.
On the P-51 at least, this change means the full range of the control potentiometer maps to the full range of the trim movement.
AND a major advantage is that it doesn't need any coding because Windows sees the Bodnar board as a Joystick.
Here's a video of a test I made.

That handwheel is connected to a potentiometer and the needle via a compound gearing system to give as wide a range of potentiometer movement as possible (about 240 degrees), while allowing the handwheel to turn 720 degrees and the needle to move 60 degrees

On a side note:  When I used encoders for something else, I found putting 1nF capacitors from each encoder pin to ground helped a lot with spurious signals.

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The trim wheels (on the left console) work fine with buttons or rotary encoders. I'm not using DCS-Bios. So I guess the problem is related to the DCS-Bios implementation.


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