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Can you get rid of the Left MFD when using the HUD only view?

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When I use the HUD only view, the Left MFD shows up and I cannot get rid of it or make it smaller.  Is there any way to do that?

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This is a problem I've been asking about for a year now. It's still not addressed in the "Tank Killer". The HUD only mode seems to have been implemented differently than the other acft in DCS.


Capt Zeen hasn't found the time to create a profile for Helios yet so I don't if it will work correctly there. but I doubt it. I've written my own export lua to get both MDF's onto a second screen and I've increased their size so they are easier to read, but in HUD only mode I can only see the two MDF's. With this setup I can go to HUD only view and there are no MFD's on the main screen, only the two on my second screen. I fly in normal mode and use the buttons and switches on the main screen and just use the enlarged MFD's on the second screen to see what's happening more clearly.  

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Best you could do today is setup a viewport lua for a custom screen layout, and position one exported mfcd offscreen.  

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