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The following was in the F-14B model and I am running the latest stable version of DCS.


I landed back at Nellis after a successful mission (downloaded mission) and took no damage. I exited the mission and selected another mission out of Nellis, after takeoff the slats retracted and the 2 most inner flaps also retracted, but the rest of the flaps did not retract. I turned around and landed back at Nellis, I cycled the flaps toggle many times but the "main" flaps would not retract. The wings were not swept back and set to auto mode, the reset button did nothing. I asked for maintenance after both engines were completely shut down, and maintenance said 'Roger', so I assumed they were on their way. The countdown every 10 seconds for the maintenance crew was not popping up on my computer monitor. I waited several minutes and they never showed up. I asked for maintenance again and they said 'Roger', but never showed up. I exited and chose another mission out of Nellis and the flaps in a different F-14B had the same problem with the flaps.


The other thing that I have noticed is that on every mission that starts on the runway, or whenever a mission starts with the engines running at mission start, the compasses (whiskey and computer) become uncalibrated throughout the mission. On the HUD, VSD, or NAV display will all show a heading of 340, but thankfully for the map (F10) I am actually flying South on a 170 or 180 heading and not Northwest.


Nellis is a blue (friendly) airport in all cases here.


None of this happened before the release of the latest release of DCS stable version.

Windows 10 64-bit, Intel Core i7-6700 at 3.40 GHz, 12 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960

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