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Battle for Krasnodar 25 mission story driven campaign coming out soon.


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Hi there. Thanks for bringing this up. Couple of things. What version are you playing? The English voices or the Russian? You have to make sure that you are over 10.000 the missions are done in metric system, the trigger there it's quite simple, your plane must be over 10.000 barometric altitude, or how DCS interprets that. In tests I've never had any problems reaching and going over 10.000 to stay on the safe side. 

The only problem that I see is that if you are not managing your turn well and you drop your altitude during the instructed turn you will get the "Not good enough message" However, if you keep your altitude as instructed, over 10.000 shouldn't be a problem. 


Careful that your altimeter is not adjusted to the pressure of the day. When you are on the ground it is indicating 300 meters. Also, in transonic speeds, your altimeter and speed will have erroneous indications that you should take into consideration. To stay on the safe side maybe go over 10000 there's no limitation on how high you can go.  

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