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Battle for Krasnodar 25 mission story driven campaign coming out soon.

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April 25th, 1978 the USSR Chairman Leonid Brezhnev falls sick and relinquishes the control of the Communist Party.  

The newly appointed Chairman, Yuri Andropov takes the reigns of the USSR but there is turmoil inside the Communist Party. 

The party is torn between the partisans for the war in Afghanistan and the factions against it. Andropov opposing the decision to have a military intervention in Afghanistan is losing support and on August 23rd, 1978 a successful Coup d'état removes Andropov from Moscow. The country is torn and on August 30th, Ukraine declares its independence followed by the rest of the USSR regions. 

On October 15th, 1978 Georgia and Krasnodar declare their independence. In the following weeks, the communist party is trying to regain control of the former Soviet Union. The 127th Motor Rifle Division seized Tbilisi and reinstates the Soviet leadership. The Division continues north towards Krasnodar but due to the long supply lines and the lack of support from the locals the advance stops before crossing the rivers Pshada, Afips, and Bezeps. 

Under UN intervention, a cease-fire agreement was signed by all factions on December 20th hoping for a peaceful resolution of the conflict. 

The former Soviet provinces voice their concern to the UN about an escalation of the conflict once the USSR troops resupply and the weather permits. The UN agrees to maintain a peacekeeping force in the region of Krasnodar and NATO forces are tasked to deploy. 

The USSR declares that any foreign troops based on the territory of the Soviet Union are considered hostile. 

The US president Jimmy Carter fearing a nuclear escalation of the conflict and having low support after the Vietnam War, orders the deployment of a small force formed from elements from the 9th Infantry Division, 6th Cavalry Air Brigade, and a MEU from the 1st Marine Division. 

You are Major Vanea Gureevich pilot in the 982nd Fighter Aviation Regiment stationed at Sochi. The regiment is involved in providing air support in the emerging conflict, as the winter sets in, the pilots are training hard preparing to fight in the emerging conflict.   

The Patriotic War to restore the Soviet Union is about to begin… 



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Hell yeah! 


Cant wait for it 🙂 

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26 minutes ago, john4pap said:

Very nice! Payware?


Seems you didnt watch the video ... it will be at ED's store on February  🙂

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Seems you didnt watch the video ... it will be at ED's store on February 
Ah yes I did. Perhaps I wasn't very much concentrated :D

Can't wait for it!

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