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UHF Squelch Disable Switch Logic

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At the moment, the real life UH1 manual and the ED UH1 manual both state that the UHF radio procedure should set the SQUELCH DISABLE switch to OFF. It kind of makes sense since you don't want to keep having static noise in the background.


However, when you set SQUELCH DISABLE to OFF, you hear all the static noise in the background. Shouldn't the static sound logic be reversed?


In DCS, static noise is filtered if you set SQUELCH DISABLE to ON. The SQUELCH DISABLE switch is also set to ON both for in-air spawns and using anto-start procedures. 

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Hi, that may be a typo reversa on the switch label, never noticed it myself!  With the squelch 'on', it should disable the radio noise... then, only a signal 'above' the squelch floor level will be heard.  It is useful to check that the UHF radio is working on startup by tempoararily turning the squelch off so you can hear the radio background noise.  You would not normally want to run with the squelch off unless you were trying to hear a very weak signal below the squelch floor level!  I normally prefer radio's with a variable squelch... if the real Hueys are done like this it is probably a pre-set pot inside the radio adjusted so it kills the radio white noise below any signal level.  Unsquelched radio static/noise is a pain to listen to all the time!  If you must listen to something... CCR's 'Fortunate Son' is good 🙂

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[DELETED] Sorry, wrong forum, I included pictures from A-10CII (in which squelch works in reverse in UHF radio), this is Huey forum. Sorry.




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SQ DISABLE switch In the ON position, squelch is disabled. In the OFF position, the squelch is operative.


it seems to be working as stated above for me.




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