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Changing Client slots after FARP changes coalition

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I am creating a MP mission with a Red FARP that starts with Red spawn points.  I would like to have Blue players be able to spawn on the FARP after Blue takes control of said FARP.


I created both Red and Blue SA342s (start on ground hot) on the FARP as Clients, with the Blue clients as "Late Activate".


My tigger for "COALITION HAS HELIPAD (BLUE, FARP)" does the following:

  • GROUP DEACTIVATE (Red Group of SA342s)
  • GROUP ACTIVATE (Blue Group of SA342s)


However, after the FARP has been captured by Blue (which I've confirmed with messages), a client is still able to spawn into the Red group, and not able to spawn into the Blue group (it says "your flight is delayed"). 


Is there a way to deactivate the Red clients and allow Blue to spawn into their clients on the FARP?



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I'm very interested in this. My limited understanding tells me this is not possible to do, outside of using extra scripting.


This would make sense as to why 'SimpleSlotBlock' for DCS was created. I have not used this, and have no idea if there are other/better solutions available now. I've only played on multi-player servers that use scripting to do the same thing - so I know it's possible, just unlikely through the mission editor itself.


If no one comes back with a better solution - check out SimpleSlotBlock. As far as what I can see - it's one of the more simpler scripts to implement (doesn't require installation or understanding of MOOSE for instance). 

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